CY308 Command Summary

A complete description of the CY308 commands may be found in the user manual available from Cybernetic Micro Systems.

Command                         Function

^C                      Command mode select
^D                      Display mode select
^H                      Back space over previous display character
^K                      Clear the display
^R                      Scroll window to the left
^S                      Scroll window to the right
^Z                      Fix display window at start of RAM buffer

A       a               Use LSBit to Set CLK_ALARM
B       base            Define address Base parameter
C       mode,hr, min,   Set clock mode and initial time
        sec, hun        
D       d               Delay for specified milliseconds (to 64K)
F       chr,row1...row7 Define custom Font for display (HDSP only)
G       g               Use LSbit to set CLK_GATE
L       mod, addr       Load module char count and address
M       mode            Mode command sets mode byte to value
N       num, chars      Number of modules, characters per module
O       mode            Define general Operational modes        
P       pos             Set internal RAM buffer Point Position
S       addr, data      Write data single address of all modules
W       mod, addr, data Write data to address of one module
?       Cmd             Query specified parameter values