LCD Font
Font Creation Software for LCDs

Win9x/NT Version

LCD Font Overview

[LCD font screen shot] The LCD Windows Controllers from Cybernetic Micro Systems allow user defined fonts in the text plane, which is maintained separately from the graphics plane. User fonts are downloaded to the controller using a special font command followed by a byte stream. To make it easier to create and test user-defined characters, Cybernetics developed LCD Font for both DOS and Windows.

LCD Font allows the user to create standard size fonts in either 6x8 or 8x8 pixel formats. The LCD controller also supports a Large Font mode, where four standard cells are used to create a single larger character, so the Font program provides an editor for both types of fonts.

Files can be viewed, edited and saved, and can be previewed on the actual LCD. A print function provides hardcopy archival of both the complete font list (image and code), and blown up images of individual characters. Font files created by LCD Font contain the full command line required by the LCD controller for storing each font character.

The VB-based program requires Win95, Win98, NT4, or Win2000 and directly interfaces to the CYB-003 over the COM port. The software is included with the purchase of the Complete LCD Starter Kit. The DOS version is also included.