LCD Load
Image Converter and LCD Loader

Win9x/NT Version

LCD Load Overview

[LCD Load] It's amazing how a picture can simplify a request for user input or how data can be more clearly displayed as a graphic. To illustrate this, we have included a number of images with this program. We hope they will titillate your imagination and allow you to more effectively use your LCD as you design the user interface for your next instrument or machine.

Cybernetic Micro Systems' LCD Controllers work with a variety of graphic dot-matrix LCDs. This utility will make it simple for you to design your own black and white dot-matrix images in MS Paint and convert them to the LCD pixel format used by the LCD controllers. You may preview your images on your LCD with the serial download feature and print a hardcopy of the image for review and archiving.

The LCD Load Utility provides both 6-bit and 8-bit image conversion, as well as the conversion from LCD Pixel format back to the BMP format required by MS Paint. A resizable mask will let you preview and separately save subsections of your image. Except for the mask feature, no image editing is done within the program. Only previously created files are opened and converted. Editing is provided by MS paint, which can be invoked from within the program.

While the program will allow you to open color BMP, GIF, and JPG files, they can not be converted to pixel files. Color images, and images that may appear to be monochrome but include a full color palette, will require conversion to black and white through MS Paint before importing them into this program.

The VB-based program requires Win95, Win98, NT4, or Win2000 and directly interfaces to the CYB-003 over the COM port. The software is included with the purchase of the Complete LCD Starter Kit. A reduced beta version is available as a free download.