44-Pin QFP Dimensions

[QFP Dimensions]

Sym Description Inches mm
A Overall Width0.5512.0 or 14.0
B Body width 0.39410.0
C Overall height 0.094 2.4 max
D Lead spacing 0.0315 0.80
E Lead width 0.018 0.45 max
G Lead Length 0.04,0.08 1.0 or 2.0
J Pad Landing 0.0236 0.60

44-Pin QFP PCB Layout Pattern
(will accommodate both long [2-mm] and short [1-mm] lead lengths)

[QFP-44 PCB Dimensions]

Sym Description Inches mm
A Overall Pattern Width (square)0.5614.1
B Inner pad limits (square)0.40610.3
C total Pad run 0.338.45
D Pad/lead spacing, on centers 0.0315 0.80
E Pad length 0.075 1.9
  Pad width 0.018 0.45
F Pad Row/Col Clearance0.036 .925
G Pad run, to centers0.3158.00
H Pad Row separation, to centers 0.4812.20
J Pad Row/Col Clearance, to centers 0.165 4.2

Legacy Part Max reflow temperature 225°C
RoHS Part Max reflow temperature 260°C