Corporate Information


Correspondence, Ordering, and Remittance Address:

Cybernetic Micro Systems
PO Box 3000
San Gregorio CA 94074 USA
Tel: 650-726-3000
Fax: 650-726-3003


Payment Terms:

Net 30 days - On approval of credit

  • Company Checks
  • Wire payments or Bank transfers

Prepaid -

  • Checks - Company or Personal
  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards through PayPal (PayPal account or PayPal guest)
  • Wire payments or Bank transfers


ControlChips, Bin-ASCII, Analog-ASCII, ASCII-Analog, CYMPL, Sim8048, Sim8051, Sim8096, Sim7000, dBug88, dBug/EGA, dICE-51, d2Ice-51, CY233-LINC, CY123, CY132, CY232, CY233, CY250, CY308, CY325, CY327, CY360, CY480, CY500, CY512, CY525, CY545, CY550, CY600, CY750, CY800, CY888, P-51, USB-RAM