CY325 Command Summary

All CY325 commands are listed below. While many are self explanatory, the interpretation of some of them is dependent upon the operating mode. A complete description is beyond the scope of this data sheet, however a detailed user manual (100 pages) is available from Cybernetics.

Command List Details

    ^C      Command Mode Select
    ^D      Display Mode Select
    ^K      Klear Current Window
    ^N      Select Special Font (Shift Out)
    ^O      Select Normal Font (Shift In)
    ^W      Window Swap Command

    B       Box Command
    C       Cursor Positioning C x,y[cr]
    F       Font Creation F n, d1..d7
    G       Graphics Line
    H       Histograph
    I       Initialize
    K       Key Acknowledge
    L       Large Character Mode
    M       Mode Register Load
    P       Pixel Plot Command
    S       Send Data thru CY325
    V       Viewport Select
    W       Window Specify
    Z       Horizontal Scroll Mode
    /       Negation (prefix to command)
    +       Window Status Save
    -       Window Status Restore
    ?       Query Command
    @       Transmit Data thru CY325
    {       Plot String Command
    *       Lower half of 128 (prefix to Viewport)

CY325 Command Format and Data Types

In the command mode, incoming characters are interpreted as follows: Ax1,x2, .. xn where 'A' is any ASCII character, followed by a space, and x1, through xn are relevant parameter values, separated by commas and terminated by carriage return. Parameters can be expressed as ASCII decimal or ASCII Hex numbers ('h' suffix). If the CY325 is placed in Binary Mode, the format is: BNx1x2 .. xn B is any valid command, N is data count followed by N 8-bit binary values x1 to xn.