CYB-308 Kit for LED Module Prototyping

Standard Features

  • Communicate with a host computer over a standard three-wire RS232 interface, or use in a stand-alone configuration with an on-board parallel or serial host.
  • Double RJ11 jack provides 4-wire or 6-wire telephone style connection for serial communications and networking.
  • Operates at standard baud rates between 300 and 19,200 baud.
  • Supports CY233 Network Controller
  • Compact size 53 mm x 188 mm (approx. 2.1" x 7.4").
  • Power requirements:
    • Board voltage: +5V (150 mA max) for basic board with no display module.
    • For each display module used, add 450 mA.
  • 5-pin DIN or 4-pin Molex power connectors allow optional + and - voltage connections for custom circuits. RS-232 voltages are generated on the board.

CYB-308 Overview

The CYB-308 prototyping board supports all of the features of the CY308 LED Module Controller. The CY308 controls multiple intelligent LED-based display modules containing 5 by 7 dot matrix or 17 segment, ASCII encoded, character fonts. It also supports the control register functions, such as blinking and display intensity. The CY308 controls these modules as an integrated display, with words flowing across multiple modules, without the need to address each one. Selectable options include the ability to write to individual character locations, or to write a string of characters, with automatic display update, blanking, and rewriting. Access to the control registers of the modules allows the implementation of special display functions such as blinking or special fonts, without additional hardware or software requirements. In its minimum configuration, the CYB-308 will support up to 4 display modules (32 characters). An additional 4 display modules may be added in the maximum (64 characters) configuration. For multi-board systems, a CY233 network chip is fully supported and provides addressing for up to 255 boards on a single serial network. The board provides both parallel and serial interfaces.

CYB-308 Kit

CYB-308 kit shown assembled with four optional LED modules.