CYB-500/512/525 Kit For Evaluation and Prototyping

CYB-500, CYB-512, & CYB-525 Overview

Now you can intelligently control your four-phase stepper in just a few hours. The CYB500 prototyping kit comes ready to assemble, complete with a CY500, CY512 or CY525 intelligent stepper motor controller and documentation. A wirewrap section even allows for custom interfacing to your particular application. Just add power supply and keyboard or computer . . . then see how intelligent your motor can be.

[CYB500 Proto Board]

Kit shown assembled with CY500 and CY233 serial option.

Standard Features

  • Flexible design for control of the CY500, CY512 or CY525 Stepper Motor Controllers.
  • Dip switches on all seven CY500/512/525 control inputs.
  • LEDs on all eight CY500/512/525 control outputs.
  • All control signals brought to wirewrap posts.
  • Accepts 8-bit parallel commands from an ASCII keyboard, on- or off-board host controller, or from your PC parallel printer port using the DB25 connector.
  • Serial (from 300 to 19,200 baud) or network connection using RJ11 jack and optional CY233 network controller.
  • General purpose power driver handles many 4-phase stepper motors (up to 1.5 amp/phase @ 35V max.)
  • Requires only 5 volts at 0.5 amp max. (plus motor current & voltage).
  • Optional + and - voltage connections are provided for custom circuits. RS-232 voltages are generated internally.
  • Compact size 100mm x 160mm (approximately 4" x 6.3") single height Eurocard format.
  • Wirewrap area for additional interfaces of special circuits.


CY233           CY233   Network Controller Chip
Power-4         WM063   Elpac Power Supply (5v@380 mA, 12v@180mA, -12v@180mA)
4RJ-DB9F        Serial  4-conductor modular cable with DB9F Connector

[User Manual] ....User Manual (PDF) 50 pages (5 MB download) for CYB-500 kit