CYS-545 Panel Software
for Stepper Control

CYS-545 Overview

Provides Stepper Motor Control from an IBM PC.


The CY545 implements serial communications signals (Txd, Rxd, CTS) to easily control a stepper motor from the serial port of an IBM PC. The CY545 may be used on the CYB-550 prototyping board, and, with the addition of the CYS-545 front panel software package, can provide a complete IMB-PC based stepper motor control system. The motor can be controlled directly from the PC, or external memory may be downloaded for later stand-alone operation.

The CY545 has numerous motor control signals such as pulse, direction, programmable accel/decel, rates up to 27,000 steps/second, and up to 16M steps per motion. It also provides programming features such as jump, loop, and wait, with eight user-definable I/O lines. All of these features, in addition to an 8-Character LED display and external EEPROM, are accessible through the software package.

The CYS-545, uses COM1 or COM2 to directly communicate with the stepper controller. Enter, change, or read back motor stepping parameters stored in the CY545; write and save external programs to external EEPROM; or read and edit the externally stored programs. As a learning tool, the software filters each command for proper format, parameter values, and appropriateness, and the help screens include command summaries and a pinpoint diagram.

The 125K byte program requires a CY545 and an IBM-PC or compatible with: 256K RAM, DOS 2.1 or greater, floppy or hard drive, and COM1 or COM2 serial port. The DOS software is available from our download site.