[Best Supplier Award] Welcome to ControlChips - Cybernetic Micro Systems' online catalog of special purpose control ICs.

Since 1977, Cybernetic Micro Systems has produced a unique lineup of Application Specific ICs to interface to a variety of peripherals that would be difficult to control from a general purpose computer. These award-winning chips provide a high-level interface to the low-level functions of the peripheral, thus allowing designers to more effectively apply themselves to the overall engineering of the product.

Trademarks: ControlChips, Bin-ASCII, Analog-ASCII, ASCII-Analog, CYMPL, Sim8048, Sim8051, Sim8096, Sim7000, dBug88, dBug/EGA, dICE-51, d2Ice-51, CY233-LINC, CY123, CY132, CY232, CY233, CY250, CY308, CY325, CY327, CY360, CY480, CY500, CY512, CY525, CY545, CY550, CY600, CY750, CY800, CY888, P-51, USB-RAM